• Closing Workshop Wednesday April 21st


    As the project nears its end and the final papers are being prepared for publication, the project team will be hosting an online workshop to present the project results. 

  • Interactive Energy Poverty Map of Cluj-Napoca now Online


    We are very excited to publish the interactive map of energy poverty in the Cluj-Napoca area on our website.

    The map allows the user to apply different filters based on the drivers or associated indicators of energy poverty and thus see where the phenomenon is clustered. The map is an important output for the project as it allows us to identify where energy poverty is prevalent and match it with the energy consumption data for those areas to find potential correlations between energy poverty and higher GHG emissions. 

  • Adapting the Project activities to the COVID-19 pandemic


    As the lockdown eases and we slowly move towards a new form of normal in our office and everyday life, we reflect upon how we have used the quarantine time to work on the project and what impact it has had on our activities.

    We seized the opportunity presented by everyone working from home and all events being cancelled to conclude our energy poverty expert interviews with nearly two dozen interviews conducted. The qualitative data gathered throughout these interviews will be instrumental in informing our policy paper.

  • Project Work Continues Despite Coronavirus Outbreak


    As everyone is readjusting to the new work constellations brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak, the project enters its second stage and work continues from home. 

    The project work goes on, interviews with international experts on energy poverty and energy efficiency have started. The interviewees include academics, policy makers, and representatives from the energy sector. The interviews so far have been fruitful knowledge exchanges and will be instrumental in in informing our later policy proposal.

  • Successful Operative Roundtable with stakeholders


    A successful project launch saw industry and government stakeholders come together to discuss their engagement with energy poverty. 

    A morning packed with meetings and presentations marked the inauguration of the exiting new project aiming to address energy poverty and greenhouse gas emission issues in the Cluj-Napoca Metropolitan area. This was the first chance for the project's implementing partners to present what is to come to the stakeholders that will be affected and involved.