Project Work Continues Despite Coronavirus Outbreak

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As everyone is readjusting to the new work constellations brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak, the project enters its second stage and work continues from home. 

The project work goes on, interviews with international experts on energy poverty and energy efficiency have started. The interviewees include academics, policy makers, and representatives from the energy sector. The interviews so far have been fruitful knowledge exchanges and will be instrumental in in informing our later policy proposal.

Through the desk research we are also currently conducting a thorough analysis of the Romanian policy framework surrounding energy poverty and testing whether they are in line, not only with alleviating energy poverty, but also whether they are contributing to the reduction of GHG emissions.

Furthermore, our colleague Anca Sinea has just published a paper on Extreme energy poverty in the urban peripheries of Romania and Israel. The paper focuses on the most vulnerable consumers in Romania and Israel and introduces the concept of “extreme energy poverty”. The article is a relevant as ever in this moment, as the outbreak of the global pandemic will hit those already vulnerable the hardest and we should all think about how we can support those who are most in need.