Closing workshop and presentation of outputs

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To wrap up the project and present the outputs generated over the last 18 months, the project team hosted an online workshop. The participants list consisted of energy poverty experts from around the world.

The workshop started with an overview of the lessons learned throughout the course of the project, the challenges and difficulties faced, and how these were overcome. The focus here was on the challenges of collecting data from diverse sources from both the public and private sector.

Secondly, the final version of the energy poverty map (found here) was presented. Alongside the interactive energy poverty map of Cluj-Napoca, the scientific report was presented. The report features the outcomes of a large scale survey of households in Cluj-Napoca on their energy use and their housing conditions.

Lastly, the policy paper and policy recommendations were presented. The policy paper takes a wider view of energy poverty in the greater central eastern European context. The policy recommendations were given at the local level as well as some national level recommendations.

The workshop featured interesting discussions with engaging participants eager to exchange knowledge on the topic. The highlight was the interest in the data gathering and energy poverty mapping, as this work can be translated into local contexts around europe and the world.

All the papers presented at the workshop will be published and can be found on the website under the publication tab.