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Meet the Team


Babes-Bolyai University

Anca Sinea

Anca is an energy policy researcher with an experise in the field of energy poverty. Her research work originates in the area of International Relations as she holds an MA at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, where she centered on conflictual relations in the field of energy, and a PhD at the Babes-Bolyai University (BBU) in Cluj Napoca with a focus on energy cooperation and multilateral diplomacy in the field of resources in CEE. Over the years she has been involved in both academic research, teaching and in consulting in the private sector and the policy-making process, both in matters related to energy poverty and security. Currently she is affiliated to the Center for the Study of Democracy think-tank of the BBU, she holds a board member position in the ENGAGER COST Action on energy poverty.

George Jiglău

George is a researcher and lecturer in Political Science at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and president of the think tank Center for the Study of Democracy, with a PhD from 2013. His background interests lie in the broader sphere of Comparative Politics, with a focus on political parties, the development and behavior of political institutions, and with a particular emphasis on local politics and its impact on the quality of life. Starting from an interest in Europeanization and EU politics, George recently became increasingly interested in how the development of strong urban localities pose an additional challenge to traditional nation-states, and in the impact the interplay between globalization and “glocalization” has on traditional institutional elements of political systems. Since 2015, he became involved in a broader cross-national research on the “energy poverty” phenomenon and he is now part of a network of researchers in the field, at the European level, financed by the European Commission through a COST action. George is also an Aspen Fellow, being part of the Young Leaders Program of the Aspen Institute in Romania, in 2009.

Titus Cristian Man

Titus Cristian Man is Senior Lecturer in the Regional Geography and Territorial Planning Department at “Babeș-Bolyai” University, Faculty of Geography. His major research areas include the application of GIS, spatial analysis, geostatistics, and remote sensing for service analysis and planning, particularly within the context of social services, public health, hydrology, environmental justice, education, and urban studies. He holds a PhD in Geography since 2008 with a subject approaching GIS application in Regional Geography. In 2010 and 2012 Dr. Man was granted with CEEPUS scholarship at University of Salzburg to teach the topics: GIS in Hydrology, Selected topics in GIS - Geomorphometry. The GIS expertise included in 2013 and 2018 two Fulbright scholarship awards to teach ad research at the University of Wyoming and TexasTech.

Elena-Manuela Bîrsănuc

Elena-Manuela Bîrsănuc is pursuing her PhD in Geography at „Babeș-Bolyai” University, Faculty of Geography. Her major interests include spatial analysis, remote sensing, GIS applications and geostatistics applied in urban and social studies. In addition, she is associate researcher at Interdisciplinary Data Sciences Center, Cluj-Napoca, working with big data and city projects.




Andreas Schneller

Andreas Schneller is Project Manager at adelphi, working on the topics of energy policy and energy management. He is managing projects on behalf of federal ministries and the European Commission. The focus of his work is the evaluation of policy measures and the development of new strategies for energy efficiency, the analysis of political and financial aspects of new heating supply technologies as well as research on social science aspects of the energy transition. Andreas Schneller has several years of experience in the design and implementation of research and consulting projects for federal ministries, subordinate authorities and the European Commission. He uses his political and economical expertise for the analysis of policy fields and instruments. With the preparation of reports, studies and policy paper he informs decision-makers in politics and administration. In addition, he carries out qualitative and quantitative data analysis and coordinates events for the professional exchange of stakeholders.

Nanne Zwagerman

Nanne Zwagerman is a Senior Manager in Business Development at adelphi and works in business and project development. He develops project proposals for national and international research programmes, bi- and multilateral aid programmes and for national and Europe-wide environmental action and climate action programmes. Furthermore, he coordinates the entire bidding process at adelphi, from identifying relevant projects through to concluding contracts. He is currently focused on developing consortium-based research projects and on coordinating the bidding for national and international consulting projects. In addition, together with the business development team, he oversees adelphi’s involvement in frame contracts and is responsible for establishing primary contact with clients and partners regarding new projects. Nanne Zwagerman is certified by Capacity WORKS.

Jakob Hoffmann

Jakob Hoffmann is a Research Analyst at adelphi and works in the energy department with a topical focus on energy efficiency. His main research interests include climate policy, sustainable business strategies, and sustainable development. He received his bachelor's degree in International Business at the University of Sussex and is currently pursuing a Master of Public Policy at the Hertie School in Berlin.

Municipality of Cluj-Napoca

Daniel Dranca

Daniel Dranca is a public servant in the Cluj-Napoca City Hall since February 2008 and Head of the Energy Efficiency, Public Lighting Office within the Technical Department since November 2015. In 2012 he graduated the master's program on Community Development and Urban Planning of the Babes-Bolyai University. He is also a certified lighting specialist based on a certification awarded by the Romanian National Lighting Committee.