Publication of Scientific Report and Information Materials for Stakeholders

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The project team is pleased to announce the publication of the Scientific Report as well as information materials for Romanian stakeholders.

The Scientific Report, prepared by George Jiglau and Anca Sinea of the UBB, offers data-based policy recommendations. The study, "Research report on the extent, drivers, and symptoms of energy poverty in Cluj-Napoca" makes use of survey data collected from households in Cluj-Napoca and data on incomes, energy consumption and building renovation status. Using this data the state of energy poverty in Cluj-Napoca is evaluated, compared to the rest of Romania and policy recommendations are formulated for households, public administrations, and utility companies.

The information materials are based off the recommendations presented in the scientific report. They can be downloaded and serve as ready-to-go information materials which can be disseminated to various stakeholder groups in Romania. They are targeted specifically at tenants, tenant associations, policymakers, and building owners.

Both publications can be found here.