The policy paper of the EnPower Project provides an overview of the state of energy poverty in Romania, Eastern Europe, and Europe more broadly. It offers an overview of the policies addressing energy poverty at the Romanian as well as the EU level and identifies drivers and innovative policy solutions. Lastly, the Policy Paper provides policy recommendations at the national and local level for alleviating energy poverty. The paper is based off desk research and a series of interviews with experts and policymakers conducted over the course of the project. 

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The scientific report of the EnPower project provides data-based policy recommendations aimed at the Cluj-Napoca municipality, the Cluj-Napoca Metropolitan Area, and also, at a broader level, to municipalities in Romania and to the Romanian policy-makers at the central level. The report is based off primary data from a survey conducted among households in Cluj-Napoca, as well as data on incomes, energy consumption and building renovations status. 

The results of the scientific report and the policy paper are wrapped up into a strategy proposal for the Cluj-Napoca Metropolitan Area. An evaluation of possible national policy solutions is also performed, while identifying those which are most promising for energy poverty alleviation. The proposal devises strategic priorities. The strategy document is the base for policy proposals we are making towards the municipality, mainly as part of current two endeavours which are relevant from the perspective of energy poverty and GHG mitigation with a focus on the residential sector – the housing strategy and the heating strategy focusing on the district heating network.

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The information materials above can be used directly by the policymakers at the municipal level. They are also targeted at tenants, tenant associations, and building owners and managers. They offer consice information and recommendations on the drivers of energy poverty based on the findings of the EnPower project.