Publication of Policy Paper and Project Conclusion

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The final publication of the project has also been published and uploaded to the website.

The Policy Paper, "Alleviating Energy Poverty in Romania and beyond", was authored by Andreas Schneller and Jakob Hoffmann of adelphi and Anca Sinea of the UBB.

The policy paper of the EnPower Project provides an overview of the state of energy poverty in Romania, Eastern Europe, and Europe more broadly. It offers an overview of the policies addressing energy poverty at the Romanian as well as the EU level and identifies drivers and innovative policy solutions. Lastly, the Policy Paper provides policy recommendations at the national and local level for alleviating energy poverty. The paper is based off desk research and a series of interviews with experts and policymakers conducted over the course of the project. 

The publication of the Policy Paper marks the end of the EnPoweR project after 18 months. The paper and all other publications can be found here.