Public Consultation with Stakeholders

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The stakeholder consultation brought together local stakeholders from different sectors to present preliminary results from the primary research conducted in Cluj-Napoca and discuss actionable outcomes. 

George Jiglau and Anca Sinea of the UBB presented the interim results of the data collection process on the energy consumption of the population and the quality of housing in the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca. The stakeholders present included policymakers from a number of municipalities around Romania who came to learn about the approached adopted in this project. Furthermore, representatives from the private sector were present, mainly utility companies, to give input and learn about their role in facilitating acess to data and helping in identifying energy poor households based off of irregular consumption patterns. 

Together the stakeholders identified public policy initiatives that can be implemented at local level but also at the level of the Metropolitan Area (ZMC) and other local administrations in Romania. The discussed proposals served as input for the recommendations in the scientific report