Online Workshop Presenting the Interactive Energy Poverty Map

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Stakeholders from the municipality and industry joined an online workshop to gain an overview of the interactive energy poverty map of Cluj-Napoca

As so many events during this time, the workshop presenting the interactive energy poverty map of Cluj-Napoca had to take place online. In attendance were representatives from the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca, as well as ones from the industry, who were among the main data providers which made this map possible in the first place. The workshop was hosted by the project team from the University of Babes Bolyai, who took the lead on developing the map. The workshop centered around a demonstration of the interactive map in its current state and the future objectives we hope to achieve with it. The focus was entirely on the local and national level and took place entirely in Romanian except for a short introduction by the adelphi team. 

There was lots of interest and enthusiasm about the interactive map by the participants, as well as engaging discussions about the future objectives. A detailed summary of the workshop will be posted in the in the workshop section.